(photo by Carey MacArthur)

The MINISpace piece I wrote on food trucks in America that focuses on the fine folks at Mexicue went up today. As anyone who attended my wedding at The Green Building in September got to find out first hand – their food is delicious and addictive. Those of you in NY can track them down at one of their brick and mortar locations in either Midtown or LES or follow them on Twitter for truck locations. I think they have hit on a really unique flavor profile in their combination of smoky BBQ and Mexican and are able to execute it to near perfection. Not to mention that their team of Dave, Thomas, Julia and Alex are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. So is that enough of a plug to earn me a lifetime truck pass? 

One bonus quote that didn’t make the final story was chef Thomas Kelly’s description of Mexicue’s MVP (and my personal favorite menu item) the brisket slider:  

“It’s a 20 hour smoke. It gets our Mexicue spice rub, which is a really nice combination of spices that we’ve come up with, and it sits in that for 24 hours. Then we smoke it for 20 hours to the point that it’s falling apart. So it’s got really nice flavor and gets this great spicy, bbq sauce which is vinegar based then cut with some Mexican spices and dried peppers. We finish it with a habanero aioli slaw so you get this kind of creamy, spicy red cabbage slaw and an avocado spread that gives you a cool finish. I think it combines the real down home barbecue and Mexican elements really well.” 

Ok, now I need one of these ASAP.

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