Cool poster, intriguing trailer, comparisons to Brick (which I loved) and quotes like this “A gripping mystery. What the future of American independent cinema might look like.” from people I respect like Scott Foundas. It sounded like a pretty good recipe for success but guess what? Cold Weather sucked. The cast is made up of non-professional actors and features one of the most annoying, self-entitled, hipster douchebags ever to grace a movie screen. There is some nice photography and I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt as there was a promise of a mystery plot but in the end (SPOILER ALERT) absolutely nothing happens. Actually something happens and then they roll credits, which is even worse. So if you were thinking of taking a chance on this one (and let’s be honest, you probably weren’t) let me save you an hour and a half and advise skipping it. I’d call it anti-climactic but when the most exciting scene of the movie involves two idiots trying to play detective in a motel room I don’t even think it deserves that distinction.


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