I was saddened to see a petition to try and stop the closing of one of my favorite places in the city – St. Mark’s Bookshop. I realize this may be a lost cause and bookstores may meet the inevitable demise that struck down most record and video stores but as someone who spent alot of time in these places I still maintain that they have great cultural value even if they are a business model now destined to fail. I’ll take the carefully curated shelves of St. Mark’s Bookshop over computer-generated recommendations 7 days a week. I actually stop in the shop specifically to get ideas on what to read and have discovered writers like Roberto Bolano and Adam Ross through browsing there. Admittedly I generally use the Brooklyn Public Library or yes, even Amazon.com or Half.com for used copies but either way it’s going to feel like a punch to the gut every time I walk by that corner if they do indeed close.


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