I was lucky enough to see The Godfather for the first time on film in a mini-theater during a class taught by the legendary (and completely insane) Stan Brakhage. The 3 hour epic probably ran on 8 or 9 reels of film but Stan insisted on no intermission because it would “break the spell”. This might also have been the week that he gave us a rambling lecture on Martin Scorsese before his wormy assistant reminded him we’d be watching Coppola. Either way The Godfather 1 & 2 have only grown stronger in my mind on repeat viewings and easily convinced me that they, along with Apocalypse Now, were works of genius. Which is why I still always hold out a glimmer of hope when I see Coppola is working on something new. But for every creative spark like Tetro you get a Youth Without Youth. But I always love getting a chance to spy on the thought process of a director at the height of his powers. Kubrick left behind a huge legacy of this kind of stuff and it never really gets old to me. It also makes you wish more directors today had the balls to go this big and the commitment to do it this well.

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