Safe to say I will be on a dedicated 24/7 listening loop of these 8 songs for at least the next month. Thom’s crazy dancing video for album highlight Lotus Flower running in HD format over on Dead Air Space.

I’ve given the album some serious listening time and seen alot written about where this album fits within their legacy. Right now it’s very difficult for me to say. Because it’s only 8 songs it almost seems to exist outside of the other LP’s and I don’t think that’s an accident. But just because I’m a Radiohead Super Fan (and because many others are doing it) this is how I would personally rank their albums.   

The Landmarks:
1) In Rainbows
2) Kid A
3) OK Computer

Undeniable Quality:
4) Amnesiac
5)  Hail to the Thief
6) The Bends
7) The King of Limbs

The Original:
8)) Pablo Honey

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