James Blake

Easily one of the most inventive and exciting artists to come out in some time. His songs certainly work best sealed up in a pair of serious headphones but even the worst computer speakers will still give you a glimpse of genius. His new video (for my favorite song on the album) “The Wilhelm Scream” proves that he’s interested in maintaining quality across the board with a visual aesthetic that perfectly matches the songs rises, falls and beautiful blank spaces. And if you thought this was all computer tricks and studio wizardry his recent live performance at BBC’s classic Maida Vaile studio quickly proves otherwise. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what is so appealing about his sound. There is something brand new but also strangely familiar in the intimacy of his voice and chopped up, minimal textures. This will almost certainly be anchored in my Top 10 for the year and it’s only January.

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