10 Worst Albums of 2010

I generally try to keep things positive over here but most people that know me personally would testify that for every one record I love there are probably three that I hate. So by “popular demand” (c) Clipse I’ve come up with the 10 albums that I just flat out couldn’t stand. This does not include artists like Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry or Diddy who would obviously dominate this category but given that I don’t even set foot in that realm I limited the contestants to records that I either had some expectations for or were sent by a friend and ended up hating. As a writing excercise I decided to use Twitter’s 140 character limit to allow these miserable failures to die a quick death. Enjoy.

  1. Mark Ronson – Record Collection = Without cover songs or a Dap Kings assist this amateur hour effort made me co-sign Ms Winehouse = “No talent wanker!” #10Worst
  2. Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon II: The Return of Mr. Rager = My 1st impression = bad rapper/dope production but Mr Rager makes A Kid Named Cudi sound like Illmatic #8thgradelyrics #10Worst
  3. MGMT – Congratulations  = So you wanted a hit? Well that’s not what they do. The horrific cover art should have been the 1st clue we were in for a bad trip #10Worst
  4. Rusko – OMG! = Entire LP of dubstep’s most generic sounds driven into the ground solidifies Mad Decent’s rep as the McDonald’s of music #10Worst
  5. Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly = Soundtrack to the Ibiza chill out room of my nightmares complete with cheap champagne + day old Brie on stale crackers #10Worst
  6. MIA – MAYA = NYTimes profile did her no favors but it’s impossible to take 90% of this seriously. Co-sign @diplo’s review = “box of turds” #10Worst
  7. Eminem – Recovery = Proof there will always be a market for Wal-Mart white boy anger rap but is he still relevant to anyone over 20? #10Worst
  8. Avey Tare – Down There = Laser light show mushroom music for the bros and further proof Panda Bear = the only good thing about Animal Collective #10Worst
  9. Interpol – Interpol = Huge fan of the 1st 3 albums but this was a boring, monotonous, clinically depressing mess. Really clever title too #10Worst
  10. Warpaint/Baths = Scapegoats for all the sloppy, droney, DIY soundalikes that run the blogosphere hamster wheel #10Worst
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