Walter Foods, Brooklyn

I usually leave food writing to the experts or highly qualified amateurs but after enjoying two very satisfying trips to what may very well be my favorite restaurant in New York – Walter Foods, I felt obligated to put up a short post.  Walter Foods has Brooklyn’s best fried chicken (served with spicy honey and ginger mashed potatoes) + (sorry Brooklyn Bowl) but my girlfriend and I have enjoyed a variety of entrees and appetizers including an amazing heirloom tomato salad and an excellent butcher’s steak.  They also have several creative yet simple cocktails and a great raw bar.  The very friendly and knowledgable bartender on Saturday even ordered me his particular favorite variety of oyster and paired it with a glass of Muscadet, which I would have never even considered.  The staff there are the perfect mix of casual and attentive and there is always good music playing (shout out to Phil’s iPod) – which I think is a very underrated aspect of the dining experience. Although the restaurant is very popular I’ve never waited long for a table and in the spring or summer you can sit in their beautiful outdoor garden.  Highly recommended.

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