The Walkmen

I’ve been a huge fan of these guys pretty much from Day 1 and they’ve remained one of the few bands I’ve been able to count on over the years.  There’s something reassuring about how little they change from album to album while still being able to write new songs that almost instantly strike a familiar emotional chord.  They are also a consistently excellent live band with an unparalleled energy (and volume) level who I’ve seen many times and never left disappointed.  Maybe it’s the absence of their signature powehouse style that makes this stripped down performance for La Blogotheque so satisfying (I could write a separate love letter to the guys at La Blogotheque, easily my favorite web-based music series).  Their new album Lisbon is already garnering typical rave reviews as listeners like myself find themselves rewarded by a band who continues to grow older and arguably better just as we do.  For me personally, there isn’t another band out there that relates more directly to my own sensibility and life experience as The Walkmen and I could recommend their entire discography (minus Pussy Cats) with confidence  but the new record is indeed something special.


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