Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma

Flying Lotus’ inspiring new album Cosmogramma is now out officially on Warp Records.  I’ve long been a fan of his work but to my ears this is head and shoulders above anything he’s ever done before.  Intricate and expansive, beautiful and hardhitting, able to sound just as good on big speakers in open space as it does on headphones lying in the dark – in the hands of Flying Lotus even the most familiar source material sounds immediate and new.  This is a record best absorbed as a whole, laced throughout with tiny details that challenge you to go back and listen again.  The heavily anticipated Thom Yorke feature does indeed stand out as the album’s highlight but due more to FlyLo’s unexpected approach than Thom’s somewhat minimal contribution.  Even with his influences laid plain in song titles and collaborations Cosmogramma manages to be something all its own and retains that rarest of qualities in today’s rehashed world – true originality.  Turntable Lab gives you a glimpse into the album’s creation and influences highlighting the kind of positive, motivated forces that go into all of Flying Lotus’ work.  Cosmogramma is already bringing in heavyweight reviews further confirming its growing status as an insta-classic.

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